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Hello Productivity Scientific

For this improvement idea I've set timer for 30 minutes.

Here's the result..

1) Automatically stack Timers OnTop/Sides when opening several instances
2) Ability of creating Timers/Stopwatch presets as OSD (On Screen Display)
3) Ability of attaching Timers @Windows 7 taskbar & ability choosing preset from jumplist
4) Ability from "Presets/Actions/Execute Command" add "Browse option" ie: Select File/Document

5) I'm under the Clock, so..
Ability of exporting presets as shortcuts, ie:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Productivity Scientific GTD Timer\Bin\GTDTimer.exe" /T=2 /P="GTD: I'm under the Clock.. HURRY!"

Per say I would like to export such shortcuts to my Desktop/Folders.
Times Up!

Bionic, 23.07.2011, 10:16
Response from the site administrator
Scientific, 23.07.2011
Thank you, many good ideas. You'll see them in future versions.
As for OSD mode - Ghost mode should does the same.
Idea status: scheduled


Bionic, 23.07.2011, 17:14
I'll adhere another suggestion.

- Professional license..
Ability of exporting from timed event document for Invoice/Billing,
This could be useful for consultants & Helpdesks working & charging by the clock.
Scientific GTD Timer enabling user "Customizing/Exporting" Invoice/Billing based from Template/Preset from given event.
Scientific, 24.07.2011, 21:15
Thank you, Bionic for great ideas.
You are winner of the Idea Informer contest.
I sent you a private message with instructions how to receive a personal key for GTD Timer 2012 Pro.

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